Good and Evil resides together, but who would have thought that creating evil can bring in good luck. More so when its Raavan, the mighty, knowledgeable king.

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Raavan effigies at the Tagore Garden Metro station
Raavan effigies at the Tagore Garden Metro station

No no, we are not talking about our political system. Or for that matter our belief system which is more famous to have created demons than any Devlok. We are talking about a small village called Titarpur, in west Delhi, which turns into the village of Raavan where you can custom make an effigy to be taken away and burnt with all fanfare or a quiet gathering, to celebrate the victory of Good over Evil.

P.S: If you wish to visit the Raavan Colony, Titarpur Village, just reach the Tagore Garden metro station in Delhi. Your journey will start from there.

Raavan crossing the road
Raavan crossing the road

It is that time of the year again when the artisans take out their tools and pour in their creativity, all to bring in some luck for their families as well as the Aam Janta (common people)

Dussehra is one of the biggest festivals of North India and is celebrated with all pomp and show. We start with praying to Goddess Durga till we burn the effigies of Raavan. It is said that Lord Rama slayed the Demon King during a fierce nine days battle and Raavan died on the 10th day, which is celebrated as Dusshera. On this auspicious day small and huge effigies of Raavan is burnt in various gatherings, especially in Delhi, which comes alight with the various Ramlila’s taking place amidst a lot of fanfare.

Titarpur Village
Titarpur village

If you can manage the crowd, the sweat and the traffic jams, we strongly recommend that everyone must at least ONCE in his/her lifetime, visit the grand Ramlila’s which take place in Delhi’s iconic Red Fort and get the feel of the Celebrations. More so, there is Food, lots of food, tasty, unique, vegetarian though (Navratri going on remember) mostly street food of Delhi. And then there are the Joy Rides.

If you have been holding onto your inner kid and happen to be in Delhi during this time, then don’t think twice, just go. Just keep in mind our Life Hacks to Survive Ramlila fever, further in this story. and you shall sail through, unharmed.

Giant wheel at the Ramlila maidaan, Red Fort
Giant wheel at the Ramlila maidaan, Red Fort

What’s the fuss all about? (section for those who don’t know the Festival)

Dusshera or Navratra is a broad name given a major festival which takes place at this point of the year. Durga Pujo and the Navratra celebration, leading up to 9 days of Ramlila which is celebrated all over India.

In my previous post about Durga Pujo behind the scenes, read about what is Akal Bodhan of Goddess Durga, which eventually leads lord Rama to be successful in slaying the demon king Ravana in a fierce 9 days of battle.

This epic battle is shown as a form of Ramlila in various places in North India and is performed Live on stage by some well-renowned celebrities also.

Ramlila on Stage
Ramlila on Stage

So what should you do about it?

Well, if mythology doesn’t interest you then don’t bother yourself with it. Just head out for the fun of it all. There is Food. There are Joy Rides and some hilarious adaptations of the Ramayan, should be motivation enough to be a part of a spectacle and add to the Chaos. J

Behind the stage scene Ramlila
Behind the stage scene

Life Hacks to Survive Ramlila in Delhi:

  • Do not go by car. We repeat car is Hazardous for your own sanity. Take the Metro instead.
  • Do not carry much cash/cards on you. Have only enough to sail you through the entry tickets, food, and metro. Pickpocketing is well expected.
  • It pays to have friends in the right places. In this case, if you can manage to get a VIP pass to the Ramlila stage show, dude, you’re set. If not, well, you can still see the play or enter the grounds, but be amongst the crowd.
  • Try going on a weekday, the crowd is a tad bit less. However if you have never seen a Raavan effigy burning, go on the last day, and prepare to be smothered as well as bewildered at all the Tamasha (fanfare)


Top 5 Ramlila’s happening around in Delhi are:

  • Shri Ramlila Committee – Ram Lila Maidan, Asaf Ali road
  • Lav Kush Ramlila Committee – Red Fort grounds
  • Sri Dharmic Leela Committee – Subhash Maidan (parade ground)
  • Nav Sri Dharmic Leela Committee – Red Fort grounds
  • Sriram Bhartiya Kala Kendra – Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra theater lawns, 1 Copernicus Marg

So what are you waiting for, Go Delhi Go, and lemme know how was your Ramlila experience?

Till then stay curious peeps!


Red Fort at the time of Ramlila
Red Fort at the time of Ramlila
Giant Wheel
Giant Wheel