Conversations in Clay, is an attempt to bring forward the life in Idols.

This is the time for one of the biggest celebrations in North India, Durga Puja. For Bengalis it means a lot more than just prayers. It’s a celebration of life, love and senses.

Conversations in Clay tries to focus on the intricacies of Clay Pottery and how the portraits talk to each other. Each hand, each unfinished eye, convey a message which you may choose to understand the way you want to.

Is it the Pain you see in the eyes of Mahishasur? or you see a man who is being blindfolded into beliefs of the world he lives in?

Does this also means that even God’s develop cracks in their demeanor and still rise above it, then why can’t we?

Can you see the smile which conveys an eternal calm and simply reassures you, everything’s gonna be allright.

My uncle always used to say, “Amidst all the frenzy take time out to look into Maa Durgas eyes and have a conversation” 

Since then every year, amidst all the frenzy, I have the most heartfelt conversation with my god, always.

Here’s presenting, Conversations in Clay!

The pictures in this series is from a potters village in Delhi where idols were being made for the upcoming festival.

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