About Me


So about me, hmm.. well I have been Procrastinating from 30 years now (considering that my Left brain evolved and started making Illogical decisions at the age 3) yes well.

Being born a Bengali by birth, caste, creed and whateva.. I was “Supposed” to have the very specific skills of either mastering Rabindro Sangeet, or be a pro at Drama/Theater, if not then at least know how to Dance.. and god forbid if not that then at least know how to cook. No points for guessing, i was a marvelous failure in all those. Years passed and I wondered, what am I good at? Afterall i am a Bengali, that too a Piscean, I NEED to be passionate about something… anything!

So I started praying to Lord Shiva. Standing on one foot for 10 hours, without water or food for several weeks and then … lo and behold… I woke up from my dream 😉

Folks, i am just a passionate Traveller, who loves telling stories. I am a self-learnt Photographer, who loves to click, delete, replicate, and then start the process again. After a Decade of professionally being the official Badass in my Human Resources field, I have now let my hair loose, coloured them Purple, smile often and meet new people every single day.

Be nice to me and Subscribe to my posts while I show you the world, in a magical way.

I am no bird, and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.

You can contact me via:


pbanny@gmail.com            curiousfoots@gmail.com